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Through the Stack / 01-03 (Week 6)

Through the Stack / 01-03 (Week 6)

This is "Through the Stack", a weekly list of links relating to topics relevant to Lead developers (actual or aspiring) working with an internet related product.
Many lead developers, tech lead and staff engineers have their hands in many projects and influence many layers in their organisations. This publication is aimed at sharing thoughts and content that are relevant to such profiles.
If you have comments or content to suggest please reach out to us by email through-the-stack@imfiny.com .


For this third publication, we are going back to a more diverse set of links compared to last week. My week has been pretty busy on meetings and travel so I didn't encounter much about infrastructure.
Still, I have come around a handful of Ruby and Python posts that are nice to read and useful : one on security, one on performance and one to play around "speech to text".

Talking with a current co-worker about a Changelog feature for their pipeline I (re) discovered git "attributes" in commit messages. It's a very interesting read and opens up quite a bit of potential. It reminded me of Git Appraise, another feature of Git that is largely not known enough.

Then we go more around software itself with some great articles from the excellent nesslabs.com and leaddev.com (also great content there). It's all about improving decision making, communication and inclusion in your teams.

I have splurged on books lately and still looking for more potentially so I shared two titles : one that might be of great interest for many of us working with or close to scrum teams, another one on Data Science ... on AWS.

Finally, something that might only be remotely related to software : an article on how Tokyo is decentralized or being decentralized.
Have fun.


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