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Through the Stack 2.12 (Week 17)

Over the last four weeks, we've covered essential topics that can significantly impact your team's efficiency and productivity. Let's review those.
Through the Stack 2.12 (Week 17)
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Welcome back to "Through the Stack," our weekly focus on topics relevant to lead developers, tech leads, and staff engineers working with internet-related products.

Over the last four weeks, we've covered some essential topics that can significantly impact your team's efficiency and productivity:

  1. Managing Priorities and Productivity
  2. Fast Iterations and Deployment
  3. Tackling Backlog Bloating
  4. CI/CD and Automation

This week's edition will connect the dots between these topics and provide a bird's eye view of a more global approach to efficient development.

Establishing the Foundation

Our first post discussed the importance of prioritizing priorities and productivity. We delved into the Pareto Principle and highlighted its relevance in software development. By focusing on the most critical tasks that yield the most significant results, your team can maintain focus on what truly matters and improve overall productivity.

Building on this foundation, our second topic was fast iterations and deployment. We emphasized the benefits of short, focused iterations that allow for rapid feedback and continuous learning. This approach lets your team quickly adapt to changing requirements and user needs, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Streamlining Processes and Workflows

In our third post, we tackled the issue of backlog bloating. Bloated backlogs can confuse and hinder productivity. However, by discarding irrelevant items and focusing on clear objectives, your team can streamline work processes and maintain a laser-sharp focus on the project's priorities.

This streamlining connects well with our fourth topic, CI/CD and automation. By reducing manual processes and errors and accelerating release cycles and collaboration, your team can maintain an efficient workflow that supports rapid development and growth.

The Holistic Approach

As we've seen, the four topics we covered in the past weeks are interconnected and together form a comprehensive approach to efficient development:

  1. Managing Priorities and Productivity lays the foundation for efficient development by focusing on the most valuable tasks.
  2. Fast Iterations and Deployment builds upon this foundation, enabling your team to adapt and respond to user needs and changing requirements quickly.
  3. Tackling Backlog Bloating streamlines work processes by focusing on objectives, removing distractions, and increasing clarity.
  4. CI/CD and Automation help maintain an efficient workflow by reducing manual tasks, accelerating release cycles, and enhancing collaboration.

By considering these topics as part of a more comprehensive approach to efficient development, you can optimize your team's performance and maximize your chances of success.


Connecting the dots between managing priorities, fast iterations, tackling backlog bloating, and CI/CD and automation is crucial for creating a holistic approach to efficient development. Integrating these strategies into your team's processes will set the stage for long-term success.

We encourage you to review the past posts and apply the lessons learned to your development processes. As always, feel free to reach out with any comments or content suggestions, and stay tuned for more insights in our upcoming editions of "Through the Stack."

Who are we, by the way?

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