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Take a break

Work is also breaks.
Take a break
Photo by Hendrik Morkel / Unsplash

Regularly I take breaks. Through the day, through the month, through the year. This is recharging time, but also a needed time. Please don't forget to do the same.

Years ago, I took some time to research biology, physiology, and evolution to understand how our bodies work. I gave a talk about this at RuLu.

Body's requirement

Our bodies have evolved under constraints. The way they work relies heavily on (among other things) physical activity. In particular, walking tends to be a great physical activity for our bodies. It not only does excellent on our cardiovascular system but also on our brains (higher blood flow) and our digestive tract (blood flow, pumping mechanism). It's also great for our muscles in the legs and also our back.

For years doctors told me, "just get up and go for walks". At some point, I did what they told me to do. Then I complemented with better eating habits. And after a while, I also improved my physical activity regimen by running a few kilometers per week and doing more stretches. Bit by bit, I have seen improvements.

Further than the walk

Walking breaks, proper lunch breaks, and walks to the local market are doing good things for oneself. At some point, you see that there are some results. You see that taking a walking break in the middle of the morning helps you have better results in your work by the end of the morning.

Looking at this, you need to find a way to have a weekly schedule that contains breaks. That way, you can be motivated to have better structure and discipline throughout the week.

And it's the same with more significant breaks. We are not built for constant stress and long bouts of work. Take breaks.

Work is also composed of breaks

Think at how so many creatives and researchers have found inspiration or the solution to problems and equations in the middle of a break.

Work is not just sitting in front of a screen all day or staying 8 hours in a row at the assembly bench.

Frack "productivity". I am after the real productivity, the one that is seen through a more humane and longer-term lens.

Take breaks.